The Journey Begins!!

Days before Travel – 10 Months 19 Days

1415717_65821615 (1)On 24th September ‘13, exactly one year after our marriage, we were stung by a lethal bug – Travel. The infection spread rampantly through our systems, leading us to make the decision – see the world before we join our forefathers in heaven (who hadn’t even seen India – their birth country, let alone the world).

This wasn’t one of those impulsive decisions (Ok! It was) because as the days passed it solidified our faith in the ability to do so.

The plan had two major challenges – we didn’t know where to go & we didn’t have the money to get there.

So we put both our heads together and took care of the first challenge. Yes, we have made up our minds to travel to, hold your breath, EUROPE.  We are still struggling with the second challenge but we’ve chosen an off season (October – February) for our visit (hoping that it considerably reduces the cost). Two promises we’ve made to ourselves – we will have fun in spite of rain, hail, snow storm and we will imbibe as much as we can about the different cultures within Europe while spreading news and views about India. We don’t yet have the funds, accommodation, tickets or a detailed itinerary but we know one thing – WE ARE GOING!

Of course it’s going to be extremely cold (Yeah! We did our research), perhaps rain quite frequently or some of the places might be shut. That is precisely the reason we seek your help/expertise is making the best of this trip of a lifetime.

Our tentative schedule is pasted below –

Mumbai  –> Sweden –> Norway –> Switzerland –> France –> Spain –> Italy –> Greece –>  Turkey –> Delhi

Date  wise schedule –



Cities To Visit


2nd Oct – 12th Oct, 2014



13th Oct – 25th Oct, 2014



26th Oct – 16th Nov, 2014

Geneva, Zurich, Jungfrau, Bern


17th Nov – 1st Dec, 2014

Lille, Paris,


2nd Dec – 16th Dec, 2014

Barcelona, Madrid


16th Dec – 3rd Jan, 2015

Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Vatican


4th Jan – 14th Jan, 2015


15th Jan – 31st Jan, 2015

Istanbul, Antalya

Is this doable (hope it is!!) or totally ludicrous? Do suggest the cities/places that we must visit. All your other inputs with regards to the accommodation, clothes, visa, euro rail passes, backpacks and shoes would be hugely appreciated.  And if you happen to be in our place of stay, drop us a line, we would be happy to meet you and perhaps give you an Indian culinary experience.  


7 thoughts on “The Journey Begins!!

    • Thanks for your comment Gill. We are going all the way to the North and then working our way down towards the south. This plan includes places where we might have friends and relatives to stay with. We would love to cover Parague, Budapest, Vienna but we might not have enough budgets and even time for this! Cheers! 🙂

  1. I think its doable in the sense that everything is doable, but I don’t think you’ll enjoy much of it.

    Also, I don’t think the off season will save you much – prices don’t fluctuate that great in Europe and you’ll be in the Christmas season, which is very pricey.

    Plus, you’ve selected some very expensive countries to visit. And in the winter you won’t be able to enjoy picnics in the park or street food (saving money in the process).

    So unless you have a very good reason to spend two weeks in Norway in October, I’d seriously rethink the whole plan.

    • Thanks for writing to us, Micheal. The reason to start with Stockholm/Norway was because we do have family and friends there. Plus as we move closer to the winter, North of Europe might become exceptionally cold. We want to travel all the way to North and then work our way towards warmer places. Do let us know if you have any other suggestion with regards to the places we must absolutely visit to places we must give a miss. Look forward to your comments! Cheers!!

      • Then it makes sense to go there, but I don’t think you should expect Switzerland or Northern Italy to be warmer than Oslo in December.

        I’m not into places you “must” visit, everybody has their own preferences. I’d suggest visiting Berlin, but then of course there are so many places to go to.

        If you have more time, not afraid to do some work and would like to experience living as a local, check out

  2. Hi
    Its a great plan. loved two things about it the WILL to go and the recognition of hazards albeit INTENTION to ENJOy it regardless of them . I think Europe though a costly place may be cheaper in winters as it must be off season. best of Luck for it … Me and my wife are keeping a close eye on this one as we are in planning phase of our own grand “get out of this routine” World Trip..

    Be sure to give updates

    All the very best

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